Harvest Festival in Elenia


Harvest Festival in Elenia

Heroes of Elenia!

The joyful laughter can be heard everywhere, candy wraps are scattered through the streets of Varlon, and a market has opened in Elgore with the ripest pumpkins. That means it's time for you to join in the holiday cheer, too!

Harvest Festival game event from 10:00 GMT on October 30 to 7:00 GMT on November 13.

Traditionally you will be treated to:

Fun with Crazy Pumpkin: killing any monster can bring forth the Crazy Pumpkin, a malignant creature that poisons people in every way. Killing the Pumpkin is rewarded with a special prize. Whoever distinguishes themselves in the hunt and collects more than 100 seeds of the Crazy Pumpkin can get one of four unique headdresses symbolizing the holiday.

Battles with a special boss, Dwan the Merciless. It seems that the lord of N'Galu has decided to restore the curse to its former strength and has sent his terrible servant riding a terrifying monster with four legs to sow death and panic in the lands of the kingdom. Who will stand in his way?

You have a chance to get a transport, Necrohound, from the Grim Chest obtained after killing Dwan the Merciless, as well as from the Surprise Pumpkin. Don't miss the opportunity to tame the terrifying hound!

The following change has been made to the game event

The system of getting a reward for killing Dwan the Merciless has been changed.

  • Now every character who took part in a fight with Dwan automatically gets a trophy to his backpack, “Dwan Fighter’s Badge”. The trophy is bound to account.
  • To get the boss’ chest you should bring the “Dwan Fighter’s Badge” to Jeff the innkeeper in Varlone, Drunken Bumblebuzz Tavern.
  • “Grim Chest” of Dwan the Merciless is issued as a reward for completing the quest “The Pumpkin Smashings. Dwan the Merciless”. The quest itself became repeatable now, that is, you can bring any number of badges any time and get your reward.

We remind you that the quest “The Pumpkin Smashings. Dwan the Merciless” is given by Jeff the innkeeper in Varlone, Drunken Bumblebuzz Tavern. The quest is available from the 14 level. To get access to it you should complete the quest of Royal Herald in Varlone, “Harvest Festival. Food Professionals”.

Other changes

  • “Portal” and “Save Portal Point” skills: added two more points to save a portal.
  • Added the new achievement “To the North!”. To get this achievement you should complete "The North", "Ice". "Threat", "Hope", "Flame" quest chains. Reward: 25 achievement points and the title “Polar Explorer”.
  • For most thrifty: now any Royal Blessings add up to 12 pieces in the inventory.

Pumpkin Madness merchandise is on sale!

Not only is the festival back, but the special holiday merchandise is back as well. From 10:00 UTC on October 30 to 7:00 UTC on November 13, the Large and Small Boxes of Pumpkin Madness and the "Dead Lands Casket" will appear in the game store, from which there is a chance to get a "Grim Shard". And after collecting 10 of these shards, you can summon the leader of the Necrohounds.

Gifts of Autumn


By activating the promo code, you will receive:

  • Royal Blessing x7 - 1 piece.
  • Lesser Boxes of Pumpkin Madness - 10 pcs.
  • Four-leaf clover - 10 pieces.
  • Pumpkin pie - 10 pcs.

All items are bound to account.

Important: The promo code can be activated until November 30, 2022 if you have a level 31 or higher character on your account.

Two weeks of generous trophies

King Roland has ordered the court magicians to activate the “Generous Trophies” spell: up to November 13 (from maintenance to maintenance) Premium account bonuses for experience and drop chance will be wonderfully triplets!

It's time for you to join in the fun!

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