Greennoise and Andy-R-340 on sale


Greennoise and Andy-R-340 on sale

Heroes of Elenia!

Getting tons of loot from defeated enemies always warms the soul. But picking them up by yourself is so tiresome... There is a solution - get a pet that will do it for you! Such cozy companions - Greennoise and Andy-R-340 - have just appeared in the premium store. Companion packs will be available from 21:00 GMT on April 1 and until 20:59 UTC on April 3.

The Greennoise Pack. It wasn't easy to tame this pet, but it was even harder to teach it not to set its owner on fire. And it has succeeded! Now it is a completely safe, cute and funny companion, who will brighten up any of your travels and cheer you up with his jokes. And it will collect all the useful finds for you, of course.

Andy-R-340 Construction Set. In the depths of the NAFIC engineering department, an automaton codenamed Andy-R-340 was created for the glory of Deus Ex Machina. It comes with a special kit, assembly instructions, screwdriver and duct tape are included.

Important: the items in the kits have no binding.

Enjoy your game!

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Collecting loot by yourself is so tedious... There is a way out: to get a pet who will do it for you!

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