Orc Hunt: results


Orc Hunt: results

Champions of Elenia!

The Orc Hunt is officially over. You have coped with the task perfectly: 702736 Orcs exterminated in total (oh and why there are so many of them?)! And this means you deserve the most generous reward. Let’s start to celebrate!

Free promocode

All players with characters of 55+ level can already redeem the promocode:


You will get there:

  • Royal Blessing (7 days); 
  • Large Fire Box х10; 
  • Large Adventurer’s Box х10.

Please note: may be activated till 27/06/22, all items are bonded to your account.

Week of generous trophies

King Roland, as promised, has ordered the court magicians to activate the “Generous Trophies” spell: starting from 21 June and up to 28 June 2022 (from maintenance to maintenance) Premium account bonuses for experience and drop chance will be wonderfully tripled!

Why this spell can’t be activated forever? A good question. The last person who asked it to the court magicians had been turned into a frog. Looks like this will remain a secret.

Congratulations with the great victory!

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Greennoise and Kitten Basket on sale

Collecting loot by yourself is so tedious... There is a way out: to get a pet who will do it for you!

Royal Quest



The Premium Store will offer you a 30% discount on Royal Blessing!

Royal Quest



Starting from 20:59 GMT on September 16 and up to 20:59 GMT on September 18 for every 4 Arconite Sealing Waxes you spend, you are getting one Wax back!

Royal Quest


Wings in the style of OtherLand!

Starting from now and up to 20:59 GMT on September 4 the Premium store will offer you three types of wings and Contrast Wings Box.

Royal Quest


Get 20% more reales!

If you have been planning for a long time to buy something but still put the purchase off for later, then this moment has come. Take the most out of this summer!

Royal Quest