Forum rules

1. General

1.1 These rules - the main document defining the rules of communication between forum participants. Forum moderation is carried out in accordance with this document.

1.2 Blocking on the forum is carried out in accordance with the rules, and the moderators have the right to give their own final semantic evaluation of the message.

1.3 Not knowing the rules does not exempt from responsibility for violation of the rules.

1.4 Administration reserves the right to modify and supplement the rules, notifying the forum participants.

1.5 These rules and their amendments are effective from the date of their publication.

2. Forum messages and media content

2.1 All kinds of media content and messages that contain calls for violating the rules of the games presented on the forum, or the forum itself, violence, incitement to ethnic hatred, religious hatred, nationalistic and racist statements, insults, obscene and vulgar language, as well as any other versions of statements that violate the current Constitution of the Russian Federation are not allowed for publication.

2.2 It is forbidden to post media content and messages that provoke other forum participants to violate the rules.

2.3 Spam is prohibited.

2.4 It is forbidden to leave messages, consisting in whole or in part of capital letters (Caps Lock). There are some exceptions such as abbreviations and acronyms, as well as highlighting the main idea of the message, and it should not exceed 20% of the total size of the text.

2.5 It is worth refraining from unconstructive criticism of the projects presented in the forum and its participants.

2.6 Open discussion of moderation and moderators is forbidden.

2.7 The publication of unofficial and unverified materials, publication of th false information and misinformation of forum participants is prohibited.

2.8 Statements on behalf of the administration by non-administrators are prohibited.

2.9 Messages about the exchange or sale of accounts, game items, currency, resources, and other statements that violate the rules of the games presented on the forum are prohibited.

2.10. It is forbidden to post private information about a forum participant's private life that constitutes of his personal or family secrets without his consent.

2.11. It is forbidden to make posts about the use and distribution of drugs, alcoholic beverages and psychotropic drugs.

2.12. It is not recommended to publish NSFW content, even if it is related to the game.

2.13. If possible, refrain from multi-posting and cross-posting. Such posts may be considered spam.

2.14. Discussions of third-party games and projects is forbidden.

3. Advertising and linking

Before posting external links to the forum, please read the following rules:

3.1 It is forbidden to post commercial advertisements of any kind.

3.2 It is forbidden to post links to sites not related to the subjects of the projects presented on the forum.

3.3 It is forbidden to advertise and publish links to other forums and sites dedicated to the game.

3.4 It is recommended to post links to clan/guild sites/groups in special topics.



Срок блокировки

Spam, multi-posting, cross-posting, double-posting, excessive text formatting

From 1 day

Insults, obscene language, veiled cursing

From 1 day

Discrimination on any basis

From 1 day

Propaganda for the use and distribution of drugs, alcoholic beverages and psychotropic drugs

From 1 day

Unsubstantiated criticism of project developers and administrators

From 1 week

Open discussion of moderation

From 1 week

Discussion of third-party projects

From 1 week

Communications containing violations or calls for violations of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

From 1 year

Publication of unofficial materials, knowingly false information, misinformation

From 1 year

Disclosure of confidential information

From 1 year

Links and advertising to third-party communities

From 1 year

Statements on behalf of the administration

From 1 year

Posts and discussion of selling/buying/exchanging accounts, game currency and other game resources for non-game funds

From 1 year

Publishing information about bugs and vulnerabilities in the game

From 1 year



Advertising third-party games/projects


Advertising and distribution of illegal software


Invalid (non-allowed) nickname