Welcome to OtherLand


Welcome to OtherLand

Heroes of Elenia!

An unusual guest appeared in the capital. She invites everyone to go with her to a mysterious place — OtherLand, where famous actors, masters of riddles and rarity traders will please you with their performances, tasks and gifts! Baron Cardigan is in a real Rage — we are almost late for his brand-new Psychodrama!

Starting from 09:00 GMT 28 August and up to 13:00 GMT 11 September the “Cardigan’s Mystery” event will take place in the game.

What’s new?

Bunny in Otherland will offer you new event goods: recipes to create a Joker or Queen Mask with the slot to insert a card. Cost of a recipe: 200 Otherland coins. Look for novelties in the Otherland Recipes Store!

Premium Store

Until September 11, the Premium store offers a 20% discount on the following costumes:

  • King & Queen of Spades;
  • Master of Hearts;
  • Rabbit;
  • Harlequin;
  • Columbine.

Also for the bravest, smartest and lucky ones will appear on sale Alchemical Lockpicks and Casket of Gifts. Such a picklock is the only chance to hit the mysterious Closed Door.

that's not all!

Starting from now and up to 10:00 GMT September 11 you will get rates x3 on the experience bonus for Premium account!

Promotional code


Code includes:

  • Royal Blessing x7 – 1.
  • Casket of Gifts – 10.
  • Mystical Fireworks – 20.
  • Lucky Dog Elixir – 5.
  • Four-Leaf Clover – 10.
  • Alchemical Lockpick – 5.

Important: Can be activated till 30/09/22, required lvl. 31-65

It's time for performances!

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Black Friday at Royal Quest

Black Friday is getting closer, so nice discounts will be waiting for you every day in the in-game store until the end of the week.

Royal Quest


50% discount on all cards

Starting from 21:00 (GMT) November 18 and up to 20:59 (GMT) November 20 the Premium Store will offer you 50% discount on all Golden Transmutation Cards and Elemental Cards.

Royal Quest


Invasion of Adamant

A new map has been added to the game, the renewed version of the Elenium Cave for level 61-65 characters, Adamant.

Royal Quest



Starting from 21:00 GMT on November 5 and up to 20:59 GMT on November 6 you will receive bonuses for buying premium accounts for 60 and 180 days.

Royal Quest


Harvest Festival in Elenia

Harvest Festival game event from 10:00 GMT on October 30 to 7:00 GMT on November 13.

Royal Quest