Runes comе back!


Runes comе back!

Heroes of Elenia!

Miracles happen all over the kingdom: Runes of Cold and Runes of Preservation are coming back!

Starting from 21:00 GMT August 19 and up to 20:59 GMT August 21 for every 4 Runes of Cold and Runes of Preservation you spend, you are getting one rune back!


  • The runes used earlier or later than the specified time do not participate in the promo.
  • The returned runes will come to the golden chest in your Character Selection window and you will be able to take them for any of your heroes.• Mind that runes will become personal after you give them to your character.
  • Bonus runes will be counted for every character.
  • The count will be rounded down: 20 spent runes will give you back 5 bonus runes, 21 spent runes - 5 bonus runes again, 24 spent runes - 6 bonus runes.

Have a nice game!

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