Game Rules


This document is the rules in relation to a particular Game (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules").

General provisions

This document is mandatory for participation in the gaming process, is an integral part of the License Agreement (EULA) and regulates the rules for participation and behavior of the User (hereinafter referred to as the Player) in the Game, restriction of actions in the Game, responsibility for non-compliance with such rules and restrictions.

The terms used in these Rules have the same meaning as in the EULA, unless otherwise specified. Control over compliance with the Game Rules is carried out by Lesta Games and its authorized representatives (together - "Lesta Games", Administration), as well as moderators.

The Rules are set to ensure a comfortable stay in the game world for each Player while maintaining a balance of interests of all parties. Failure to comply with the Rules of the Game, as well as the Key Documents, may lead to restriction of access to the Game for a long period and / or to the revocation of rights to use the Game (restriction of access) for a period specified by the Licensor without reimbursement of costs, including with respect to Rights to non-activated data and teams. The Player takes part in the Game by controlling (via) his character. Character development (through the implementation of actions provided by the functionality of the Game).

The Game by its nature provides no cash winnings, prizes, payouts and receiving material rewards in any form, the general scenario (gameplay) is determined by the Game copyright holder (developer). Unless otherwise required by law, percentages (odds) are provided by the mechanics of the Game, are under the control of the copyright holder and are not subject to disclosure.

Subject to the Player's compliance with the Key Documents, the opportunity to use the Game is provided around the clock, except for the time of maintenance and technical work initiated by Lesta Games and/or in the event of other circumstances preventing access to the Game.

Violations of the Game Rules may be subject to penalties ranging from a warning to a permanent ban at the discretion of Lesta Games, taking into account the full range of factors, including repeated violations. All Players are personally responsible for their actions in the Game, including in chats.

The list of violations provided for the Game is not exhaustive and may be updated. Lesta Games also reserves the right to impose restrictions for violations not expressly specified in the Rules, if it is required by changes in the game mechanics or legislation, as well as if the Players invent new ways of unfair gain or advantage in the Game.

Lesta Games has the right to change or delete any information posted in violation of these Rules, the EULA or other rules of Lesta Games.

Lesta Games is not responsible for the actions of the Players, as well as for the content of their messages in game chats and channels. Players are personally responsible for their actions and the content of their messages.

Lesta Games reserves the right to consider each incident on an individual basis. On a case-by-case basis, the measures taken may be more lenient or more stringent depending on the factors involved.

Lesta Games has the right to temporarily or permanently block Accounts at any time, as well as modify or delete them in accordance with the EULA. Accounts that have been permanently suspended by Lesta Games due to violations of any kind, including, but not limited to, violations of these Rules or the EULA, cannot be restored under any circumstances. In most cases, permanent or temporary blocking and / or deletion of the Account is the result of a violation of these Rules, the EULA or Lesta Games Key Documents. Players and may delete their Account at any time by following the instructions in the Lesta Games Privacy Policy. Lesta Games has the right to terminate the operation or support of any service at any time.

Upon receipt of requests to the user support service / support center (hereinafter referred to as the Support Service) on issues requiring investigation, the character or Account (account) may be subject to temporary technical blocking until the investigation is completed. In-game items or options with a limited duration of validity are not restored after the end of the technical lock period, and their validity period is not extended for the period of the technical lock after it ends. Lesta Games has the right to block the character / account and / or seize in-game items, including currency, associated with the alleged violation during the investigation period. Technical blocking period, incl. perpetual, determined individually.

Lesta Games has the right to cancel the committed game actions in order to restore the situation that existed before the violation.

Players agree to these and all other applicable rules and undertake to comply with them under any circumstances. Players further acknowledge that these Rules apply to persons whom they have allowed to use their Account or Account login details.

1. Regulation and prohibitions in relation to the Account (Account).

1.1. The Player's account is intended for his personal non-commercial use. The Player is prohibited from performing the following actions in the Game with the Account: sell, buy, exchange, transfer, donate, as well as disseminate information about the intention to perform these actions, by the Player himself or by any third party;

1.2. Players are required to protect their Accounts from access by others. It is strongly recommended that you choose a complex password and do not use it on other sites where it can be recognized by the owners or administrators of such a site. Players are prohibited from sharing Accounts with others. Sharing or selling an Account is a serious violation of these Terms and the EULA. Lesta Games is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the sale or sharing of an Account. If access to the Account is lost or the Account has been hacked, immediately report this to the Support Service;

1.3. The Player may not share the Account or his login and password, or allow anyone to access his Account or perform any other actions that may jeopardise the security of the Account. The Player is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his login and password. The Player is fully responsible for any use of his login and password, including any purchases or other changes in the Account. The Player is responsible for all actions that are performed through his Account. Lesta Games is not responsible for everything that happens through the Account or with it as a result of the Player's permission for third parties to access his login and password and / or Account. By allowing another person to use the Account, the Player is personally responsible for all consequences (including closing the Account) in case such person violates any of the specified rules. In addition, allowing others to use the Account is in itself a serious violation of the EULA. Reimbursement of any monetary amounts or in-game valuables will not be made;

1.4. In the event that the Player becomes aware of or reasonably suspects any breach of security, including but not limited to any loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of login and password, the Player must immediately notify Lesta Games and change their login and password. In the absence of such timely notification, Lesta Games cannot guarantee the safety of the gameplay;

1.5. The Player is prohibited from distributing, using or knowingly obtaining any information that provides access to the Account of another Player in the Game, on the Game website, Game forums, in the Game Support Service, as well as distribute links to third-party resources containing such information. It is forbidden to use or attempt to use the Account of another Player, in particular, to log into an Account registered by another Player, in case of obtaining such information or otherwise;

2. Prohibitions regarding in-game items and in-game currency:

2.1. The Player is prohibited from performing or encouraging the following actions in the Game with any in-game item and / or any in-game currency: sale, purchase or exchange for non-game values, including cash and other means of payment, items, services, obligations. The Player is prohibited from selling, buying or exchanging for in-game items and / or in-game currency, as well as disseminating information about the intention to perform the above actions by the Player himself or by any third party. If the functionality of the Game and/or Lesta Games and/or its affiliates provide such an opportunity, Players may be allowed to exchange in-game items with each other, including for in-game currency, and/or exchange in-game currency for money or other values;

2.2. The player is prohibited from receiving items/gold from a compromised account: Lesta Games has the right to cancel the committed game actions in order to restore the situation that existed before the violation.

3. Prohibitions, restrictions and conditions of use:

You agree not to do the following while accessing or using the Game, game chats or any other communication channels provided by Lesta Games:

3.1. in terms of actions that violate the law:

3.1.1. post, transmit or participate in the transmission of material that you do not have the right to transmit by law or by virtue of a contractual or trust relationship (for example, confidentiality agreements);

3.1.2. remove attribution and ownership information, as well as other legal notices, from materials transmitted using Lesta Games communication channels;

3.1.3. intentionally or unintentionally violate applicable local, national and international laws and regulations;

3.1.4. post, transmit, or participate in the transmission of user-generated content that infringes patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or other proprietary rights;

3.1.5. transmit through Lesta Games communication channels user materials containing your personal data or personal data of other persons;

3.1.6. distribute personal data of users without their consent.

3.2. in terms of technical impact:

3.2.1. transmit or facilitate the transmission of illegal or harmful material; threats, insults, harassment, defamatory information; vulgar, obscene or libelous materials; materials that violate the right to privacy or publicity of others; materials that sow discord on racial, national or other grounds;

3.2.2. transmit or facilitate the transmission of viruses, corrupted data, Trojans, bots, keystroke loggers, worms, time bombs, email deleters (cancelbot) and other software algorithms that can cause or cause harm, disrupt or take control of systems, or covertly intercept or collect personal or other data;

3.2.3. use Lesta Games communication channels in a way that adversely affects the availability of resources to other users, including the abuse of upper case (CapsLock), flooding (multiple duplication of messages of the same type) or inserting too large images;

3.2.4. resort to fraud and hacking. Fraud and hacking of any kind discovered by us as a result of checking the Account is unacceptable under any circumstances. The offender's data, including the current IP address, will be logged for follow-up and investigation. By using the Game and related sites and services, you agree to immediately report to Lesta Games any hacking tools that may disrupt the operation of the Game and related sites and services that you become aware of for further investigation;

3.2.5. modify game client files without the permission of Lesta Games. The use of materials that are subject to the rights of third parties without the express permission of the copyright holders is prohibited and leads to the blocking of the Account and possible civil and / or criminal liability;

3.2.6. use design flaws, non-documented features and/or programming bugs to gain benefits and/or access that cannot be obtained in other ways;

3.2.7. reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Game or any part thereof, as well as related sites and services;

3.2.8. use (attempt to use) third-party software and / or devices that emulate the presence in the Game, or disrupt the normal functioning of the Game software; obtaining a game advantage/game values, including gaining game experience and/or game points as a result of using third-party software (including the situation when a game result is obtained as a result of using third-party software by another Player); if such use resulted in gaining a gaming advantage/hacking/data interception/removal of restrictions;

3.2.9. take actions that lead to a failure in the operation of the Game platform.

3.3. in terms of dissemination of information (advertising):

3.3.1. transmit or facilitate the transmission of unauthorized advertising and marketing materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other commercial offer. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, the repeated posting of links to third-party websites using in-game communications. Posting links to websites, images and/or videos may also constitute advertising, so such actions are prohibited;

3.4. in terms of misrepresentation:

3.4.1. impersonate a person or entity or service associated with Lesta Games, including without limitation a site administrator, officer, employee or representative of Lesta Games or the Copyright Holder; administrator or moderator; make false statements or otherwise mislead as to your affiliation with individuals or entities; impersonate other Players, a member of another gaming association and / or the issuance of one association for another;

3.4.2. forward or facilitate the forwarding of material from an email address, messenger account or other source that is not owned by you or for which you do not expressly consent, without the prior permission of the owner of such address or account (individual or legal entity);

3.5. in terms of interaction within the in-game process:

3.5.1. insult and defraud Lesta Games employees. Lesta Games employees strive to be as objective and unbiased as possible. In case of dissatisfaction with the work of Lesta Games employees, Players can contact the support service to consider the issue. Direct insult to Lesta Games employees, concealment of information or outright deceit of the Game Administration, as well as challenging their words, actions and decisions may lead to the application of various penalties depending on the situation. Decisions on penalties for violations of this category are taken after a thorough investigation;

3.5.2. create or use multiple Accounts for the purpose of abusing game mechanics and / or obtaining an unfair advantage, circumventing sanctions, repeated or flagrant violation of the rules;

3.5.3. sell and buy Accounts and in-game currency, modify Lesta Games products (parts thereof), use graphic objects related to Lesta Games products without our permission in order to obtain material gain, including cash, in-game currency or in-game valuables, as well as attempt to do the above. Accounts of Players guilty of this violation will be permanently banned. Players who declare their intention to commit the actions listed above will be subject to the same sanctions as those who committed them.

3.6. in terms of interaction with the Support Service:

3.6.1. use obscene language and / or insults in appeals;

3.6.2. send appeals about insults “to the void” (non-personalized) without attaching materials that support the validity of the complaint and the context.

4. Prohibitions, restrictions and terms of use (of all Game chats and channels).

You agree to refrain from the following actions while using the Game or any game chats and channels of Lesta Games:

4.1. It is forbidden to use any type of swearing and insults:

4.1.1. profanity and swear words. The use of profanity entails the imposition of penalties;

4.1.2. writing swear words and profanity with deliberate substitution, separation or deletion of characters;

4.1.3. insults, personal attacks, aggression or harassment;

4.1.4. insults in connection with racial, national, religious, cultural affiliation, as well as in connection with sexual preferences;

4.1.5. allusions to racial or national superiority, as well as propaganda of discrimination of any kind;

4.1.6. incitement to use profanity and / or insults are at the discretion of Lesta Games and are regarded as violations punishable for profanity and insult. The punishment for provocation is similar to that for profanity and/or insult;

4.2. Distribution of information/advertising/discussion as follows is prohibited:

4.2.1. sending information that the Player did not request, did not show interest in receiving or did not consent to receive (spam) and the publication of meaningless messages in game and battle chats, including the abuse of writing words in upper case, as well as too frequent publication of battle results (more than once every 5 minutes);

4.2.2. sending commercial offers of any kind is prohibited in all game chats and channels (including begging). Begging/sending commercial offers includes, but is not limited to, requests to transfer real money to a virtual wallet, provide additional credits, and transfer in-game currency;

4.2.3. any advertisements for the sale, exchange or other transfer of Accounts from one user to another violate the EULA and are prohibited in all Lesta Games communication channels;

4.2.4. personal data of users without their consent;

4.2.5. slander or publication/distribution of deliberately false information about users, administration, representatives, and/or partners of Lesta Games, which, among other things, poses a threat to reputation;

4.2.6. promotional messages of any kind are prohibited in the chat rooms. The exception is advertising related to the Game, for example, the formation of associations, the search for members of teams and clans;

4.2.7. discussing and advertising the sale of in-game currency, promo codes, upgrade services, Accounts, as well as providing links to relevant sites;

4.2.8. mentioning and discussing other games is allowed as long as it does not directly promote another game;

4.2.9. discussing illegal activities and substances, such as drugs, and providing links to related resources. This includes, but is not limited to, discussing sites that contain obscene, racist, offensive, illegal or any other material prohibited by the EULA, or providing links to sites or resources containing such advertising or materials;

4.2.10. dissemination of information that is directly or indirectly related to organizations, historical or political figures convicted by international tribunals or recognized as terrorist, socially dangerous and illegal. Among other things, it is a violation to use Nazi symbols, terms and designations (for example, "SS"), as well as the names of relevant historical figures;

4.2.11. discussion of unpublished materials, prohibited modifications of the game client (cheats), game client vulnerabilities, geodata (maps) bugs, bot programs, etc., as well as providing links to them. If you become aware of the existence of prohibited modifications or vulnerabilities of the game client, or you have reason to suspect their existence, please provide the relevant information to the Support Service;

4.2.12. discussion of social, religious, political, illegal, or other obviously controversial topics that may become the basis for an offense. This includes, among other things, vilification or criticism of religious and political figures;

4.2.13. discussion of the decisions of the moderators or administrators of the Game, as well as the penalties imposed by them, is prohibited in all game chats and channels.

4.3. Actions and threats of actions are prohibited:

4.3.1. attempts to extort information from the Player, including information necessary to use their Accounts;

4.3.2. threats of murder or violence in real life directed at individual users, moderators or the Administration of the Game;

4.3.3. provoking other Players to violate the Rules, the EULA and other rules of Lesta Games;

4.3.4. statements or actions that violate applicable law: the use of materials or information protected by copyright, trademarks, patents or trade secrets, and the violation of any rights of any person, including the right to privacy or publicity;

4.3.5. threats to inflict damage or reveal positions, regardless of the implementation of such threats.

5. Names, avatars, images, videos, captions and logos

Certain names, avatars, images, videos, signatures, and logos may not be used in the Game due to their grossly offensive, annoying, or obscene nature (including use that is symbolically obscured or misspelled). The list below is not exhaustive, but gives some idea of the names, avatars, images, videos, signatures and logos that are not allowed in the Game.

5.1. Names, avatars, images, videos, signatures and logos that contain:

5.1.1. profanity, offensive or rude words, including in an abbreviated or veiled form, as well as in the form of well-known abbreviations; including common swear words, racial nicknames, as well as homonyms of these words; obscene words and phrases, curses in any language, composed of letters of any alphabet;

5.1.2. insults or personal attacks, express aggression, are in the nature of persecution;

5.1.3. unprintable, repulsive and/or unreadable words or abbreviations;

5.1.4. words and phrases that violate the rights of third parties, including those containing copyright or registered trademarks; words and phrases containing advertising of goods or services, including any domain names and trademarks (Windows, McDonald's, Budweiser);

5.1.5. racist or nationalistic overtones, due to which they can offend representatives of a particular nation, ethnic group, religion or race;

5.1.6. allusions to racial or national superiority, as well as propaganda of discrimination of any kind;

5.1.7. insults or derogatory comments in connection with racial, national, religious, cultural, gender or sexual preferences;

5.1.8. description/image of a naked body, propaganda of pedophilia in any form, incitement to sexual violence; in a pejorative light, a representation of the human body or the biological functions of the body;

5.1.9. propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations or preferences and gender reassignment;

5.1.10. images of a naked body and other materials of an erotic or pornographic nature;

5.1.11. a description of aggression or violence that is obscene or vulgar;

5.1.12. mentioning of alcohol, narcotic or illegal substances, their use, other illegal activities;

5.1.13. logos, symbols, emblems or numbers associated with organizations that violate or have violated laws and regulations; that is, everything that can cause a strong negative reaction / associations or cause hatred on national, ethnic, religious grounds (for example, the use of various variants of Nazi symbols, abbreviations and signs, as well as the initials, names and surnames of Nazi leaders);

5.1.14. reference to common religions, including reference to God, Allah, Jesus, etc., which may constitute offenses;

5.1.15. the mention of the names of historical figures and politicians or names associated with negative historical or political figures, primarily those who have been convicted by an international tribunal for crimes against humanity and are usually associated with suffering or cause dislike in most people, as well as with members of existing in present time;

5.1.16. hints (veiled message) about boosting, selling, buying or exchanging accounts or any other commercial activity;

5.1.17. forming an image of an employee of the company or a representative of the Administration in a negative light;

5.1.18. other violation of the EULA or the law (including links to sites containing the above signs). If names, avatars, images, videos, signatures and logos violate these Rules, the relevant Account may be changed, sanctioned or temporarily blocked. In addition, the Administration reserves the right to remove, update or change inappropriate names, avatars, images, videos, signatures and logos;

5.1.19. names and definitions used in the Game. This category also includes the names and surnames of all significant NPCs (non-playable characters), as well as the names of game locations;

5.1.20. character names consisting of an unpronounceable arbitrary set of letters;

5.1.21. the use of terminology in the game name of the character (the name of the game association), implying a connection with Lesta Games, including, but not limited to, in order to obtain a game advantage and/or game values.

6. Unsportsmanlike (non-game) behavior in the game / principles of fair play

Any behavior within the Game that interferes with other players distorts the original game intent in terms of interaction within the Game, including the creation of interference, obstacles, including, but not limited to, the examples below:

6.1. interference with the work of representatives of Lesta Games (reporting false information, spam/flooding, re-creating requests about the same issue, otherwise deviating from the usually accepted;

6.2. malicious, repeated interference with other Players during the gameplay, including, but not limited to, mobtrain and kill-steal (excluding PVP locations and boss battles);

6.3. blackmail for the purpose of acquiring game advantages and / or in-game values, as well as non-game values;

6.4. repeated abuse of skills in crowded places or in cities (except for PVP locations) in order to interfere with the gameplay;

6.5. sending a large amount of information, identical or similar messages to the in-game chat with a frequency that disturbs other Players.

7. Important Information/Miscellaneous

7.1. Repeated violation of these Rules or the EULA will most likely lead to an increase in the terms of blocking, up to an indefinite ban on participation in the Games and / or forums;

7.2. These Rules apply to statements and materials in any language. The use of words, expressions and materials prohibited by the Rules entails the imposition of sanctions, regardless of the language;

7.3. Players can send feedback and contact the Support Service with any questions (including for clarifications regarding the blocking).