Small Angelic Boxes on sale


Small Angelic Boxes on sale

Heroes of Elenia!

Do you want to feel the spirit of a valorous Valkyrie in yourself, to defeat your enemies by the wave of the hand? Then you can't get along without magic wings! They will not take you to the air, of course but they look majestically!

Starting from 21:00 GMT 28 January and up to 20:59 GMT 30 January the Premium Store will offer you Small Angelic Boxes and Small Angelic Boxes x10.

You will find inside one of the following items:

  • Light Wings of Noon (decoration) x1
  • Light Wings of Dusk (decoration) x1
  • Red Philosopher’s Stone x1–x10
  • White Philosopher's Stone x1–x10
  • Black Philosopher’s Stone x1–x15
  • Rune of Preservation x1–x15
  • Norin's Hyperbag x1
  • Aqua’s Crystal x5
  • Elmare’s Balm x10
  • Melios’ Tincture x20
  • Four-Leaf Clover x3
  • Seal of Horror x1
  • Random Seal x10

Enjoy the game!

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