Stylish Weekend


Stylish Weekend

Citizens of Elenia!

Summer is the best season for bright and gaudy images. And, very handy, the Tailors Guild has just announced summer discounts for their goods. The best fashioners of Varlon welcome you to visit their shpos, and so time has come to renew your wardrobe.

Starting from 21:00 GMT 17 June and up to 20:59 GMT 19 June the Premium Store will offer you 30% discount on all costumes.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Greennoise and Kitten Basket on sale

Collecting loot by yourself is so tedious... There is a way out: to get a pet who will do it for you!

Royal Quest



The Premium Store will offer you a 30% discount on Royal Blessing!

Royal Quest



Starting from 20:59 GMT on September 16 and up to 20:59 GMT on September 18 for every 4 Arconite Sealing Waxes you spend, you are getting one Wax back!

Royal Quest


Wings in the style of OtherLand!

Starting from now and up to 20:59 GMT on September 4 the Premium store will offer you three types of wings and Contrast Wings Box.

Royal Quest


Get 20% more reales!

If you have been planning for a long time to buy something but still put the purchase off for later, then this moment has come. Take the most out of this summer!

Royal Quest