Stylish Weekend


Stylish Weekend

Citizens of Elenia!

Summer is the best season for bright and gaudy images. And, very handy, the Tailors Guild has just announced summer discounts for their goods. The best fashioners of Varlon welcome you to visit their shpos, and so time has come to renew your wardrobe.

Starting from 21:00 GMT 17 June and up to 20:59 GMT 19 June the Premium Store will offer you 30% discount on all costumes.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Tower of Time Chest

Starting from 21:00 GMT on August 5 and up to 20:59 GMT on August 7, the Premium Store will offer you the Tower of Time Chest!

Royal Quest


25% discount on arconite sealing waxes

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your equipment, giving it additional characteristics of the Master of enchantment.

Royal Quest


The «Gifts of the Leprechaun Game Event»

Starting from 9:00 GMT on July 24 and up to 7:00 GMT on August 7 the «Gifts of the Leprechaun» in-game event will take place!

Royal Quest



Starting from 21:00 GMT July 22 and up to 20:59 GMT July 24 the Premium Store will offer you 40% discount on the Royal Quest Packs - Royal Guard Pack, Champion of Aura Pack and Welcome Pack.

Royal Quest


Cute Fluffy Helpers

Starting from 21:00 GMT 15 July and up to 20:59 GMT 17 July the Premium Store will offer you Angeleasel Set, Rabbit Carrier and Raccoon Carrier.

Royal Quest