Greennoise and Kitten Basket on sale


Greennoise and Kitten Basket on sale

Heroes of Elenia!

Piles of loot from defeated enemies always warm your soul. Still collecting all of it by yourself is so tedious... There is a way out — to get a pet who will do it for you! Just such companions are offered now for you in the Premium Store: Greennoise and Kitten. Sets with these pets will be available from 21:00 GMT September 30 and until 20:59 GMT October 2.

Greennoise Set. It was not easy to tame this pet, but it was even more difficult to teach it not to set fire to its owner. And it turned out! Now the pet is an absolutely safe, cute and funny companion that will brighten up any of your trips and cheer up your jokes. And he will collect all the useful loot for you, of course.

Kitten Basket. This cute kitten will become a faithful companion in any adventure and will melt any heart with its appearance!


  • Greennoise Set – all items are non-personal.
  • Kitten Basket – all items are bound to account.

We wish you a nice game!

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