Summoner Packs


Summoner Packs

Summoner Packs

The forest people get along with all living creatures. Except for humans. Quach made a set with seals: so that the people of Elenia could open it, summon the living creatures and take an example from forest people.

Large Summoner Pack

Price: 490 Reales

Benefit: 25%

Open the pack and receive the following items:

[Account bound]

• Pharaoh’s Seal х20

• Seal of Horror х20

• Druid’s Seal х20

• Deadman’s Seal х20

• Mechanic’s Seal х20

• Devourer’s Seal х20

• Wanderer’s Seal х20

• Black Alchemist’s Seal х20

• Bull's-eye Tonic х18

• Lucky Thief's Fortifying Elixir х7

• Purification Potion х7

• Adder Potion х6

Small Summoner Pack

Price90 Reales

Benefit: 10%

Open the pack and receive the following items:

[Account bound]

• Druid’s Seal х12

• Deadman’s Seal х12

• Mechanic’s Seal х12

• Devourer’s Seal х12

• Wanderer’s Seal х12

• Black Alchemist’s Seal х12

The Game shop offer will last until December 12, 07:00 GMT.

Have fun shopping!

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