Sealing Wax Sets


Sealing Wax Sets

Oh my, Sealing waxes!

Coincidence or not, but two sets of rare catch hit the ashkalot market today.

Set of Tor Toise

Price: 1,159 Reales

Discount: 30%

Look, this trend for creating signature sets is in full swing! Tor Toise also made his own set in his favorite colors. Purple luxury, indeed. When you open the set, you will receive:

[Account bound]

• Arconite Sealing Wax x120

• Arcon’s Heart x12

Set of Archon

Price: 159 Reales

Discount: 10%

There are rumors that in Archon one can find hidden caches full of Sealing Wax. We don’t know if this is true, but the merchant will always have a set if you don’t find the cache. When you open the Set, you will receive:

[Account bound]

• Arconite Sealing Wax x18

The Game shop offer will last until December 10, 21:00 GMT.

Have fun shopping!

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