Invasion of Adamant


Invasion of Adamant

• A new map has been added to the game, the renewed version of the Elenium Cave for level 61-65 characters, Adamant. The location is at the testing stage.

• Tainted monsters of the North locations and dungeons have been added to the new version of Adamant. Some of their features have changed. They were also joined by a new monster: Tainted Flykon.

• Also, the new elite monsters have appeared in Adamant –Excellent Elenium Devourer and Excellent Mozemium Devourer.

• All previous monsters, including nightmarish devourers, have been removed from Adamant.

• Now, when killing monsters in Adamant, you can get northern equipment and hearts of cjld.

• The cards of almost all tainted Adamant monsters remained the same.

• New cards added:

Card of the Tainted Flykon

Card of the Elenium Devourer

Card of the Mozemium Devourer 

• The Mithril Block and Obsidian Block have been removed from the resources at the Adamant location. They were replaced by northern resources: a Small magnesium hive and a Small Fallen Star Shard .

• Currently you can’t get to the new Adamant in the usual way, from the Xenos tower. To enter this location, you must use a Test Pass. The exit from the cave occurs in the usual way, with the clearing of shadow items.

• A special item "Test Pass" can be purchased in the premium store. The price is 5 reals. Please note: The item has a level limit! Only level 61-65 characters can use the Test Pass.

• At the end of testing, the Test Pass will be removed from the premium store, but it can still be used for instant transfer to Adamant.

• The current version of Adamant is still available from the Xenos Tower.


• Now the effect of the Treasure Hunter’s Spirit in the Elenium Caves appears only after you collect 100 elenium.

• The end of the test period will be announced later.

Good luck!

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