Arcane Magic Box


Arcane Magic Box

Fire Signed Box

Price: 19 Reales

A mysterious box covered with alien carvings.

Open the box and receive one of the following items:

Please note that all items in the box except “Seal of Light”, “Draco” and “ Time Guardian Garment Box”, are account bound.

Seal of Light

The flickering seal perfectly illuminates the path, even in the darkest dungeon, and the magic flows are about to lift you up.

Item Type: Decoration

Class: Any

Gender: Any

Required character level: 1

Max slots: No

+5% to Maximum Health

+2% to Energy

+2% to Mana (only for Mages)


Wild dragonkins have always deeply touched the kingdom citizens' hearts. The sorcerers noticed this and threw the magic efforts onto selective breeding, to achieve the most harmless and small creatures. The result was dracos — fun, playful and easily tamed companions.

Time Guardian Garment Box

Contains the Time Guardian garment. Once the box is opened, the costume is adjusted to the character and becomes a personal item.

Recipe: Thirum's Nectars

Chance to create: 100%


[Account bound]

Thirum's Nectar (8-12 pcs.)


x10 Cloudberry Healing Potion

x5 Vessel of Mana Potion

x5 Volatile Invigoration Potion

Thirum's Nectar

Instantly restores 100% of the character’s Health, Energy and Mana

Cooldown time: 30 seconds, unaffected by other items

The court alchemist Thirum once vowed to create a drink that one would not be ashamed to drink with ambrosia. He spent decades in the laboratory, where he would probably perish, but managed to complete his work, becoming the first one healed by the magical nectar.

Bull's-eye Tonic

+25 Hit for 5 min.

Upon death, the effect doesn't fade

Originally spread in the taverns of Elenia, as it allowed cheating in sucker throwing competitions. But quickly got into general use, both on the battlefield and hunt.

Arcane Magic Packs

Large Arcane Magic Pack

Price: 1900 Reales

• Arcane Magic Box x100

[Account bound]

• Treasure Hunter’s Elixir x30

• Four-Leaf Clover x21

• Scroll of Experience 100% x12

Medium Arcane Magic Pack

Price: 950 Reales

• Arcane Magic Box x50

[Account bound]

• Mad Bumblebuzz Wings x20

• Elixir of Might х18

Small Arcane Magic Pack

Price: 570 Reales

• Arcane Magic Box x30

[Account bound]

• Royal Guard’s Elixir x6

The Game shop offer will last until June 20, 07:00 GMT.

Have fun shopping!

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