Touch of Aura Box


Touch of Aura Box

Touch of Aura Box

Price: 29 Reales

When a mysterious merchant brought this box to Varlone, its golden patterns and heavenly shine immediately caught the attention of the citizens who love mystics. It's rumored to be the work of Aura. Open the box and receive one of the following items:

Please note that all items in the box except Blessed Crock ”, “Touch of Aura”, “Holy Bumblebuzz” and “Box of Excellent Elixirs”, are account bound.

Blessed Crock

+60% Mounted Movement Speed

+40 Attack

+5% Attack Speed

+5% Normal Attack and Skill Damage Converted to Healing

Required Feed: 6 portions (a hungry beast does not increase your attributes, and its speed bonus is reduced to 20%).

“Oh, my Crock!” — the villagers cried out when a creature with the mark known as Touch of Aura appeared at the main gate.

Touch of Aura

+5% Maximum Health

No one can say what merits are rewarded with the Touch of Aura. But if you wake up and find a divine mark on you, rejoice. You are the chosen one, it cannot be otherwise!

Holy Bumblebuzz

Feature: when you use this item, it disappears, and the pet is added to your collection.

When this majestic creature was first found, the finders fell to their knees, awed by its beauty. Then they looked into the creature's eyes of cosmic depths, and tears of happiness flowed down their cheeks. This is what Ella says...

Large Touch of Aura Pack

Price: 2900 Reales

Open the pack and receive the following items:

• Touch of Aura Box х100

• Box of Excellent Elixirs х4

[Account bound]

• Seal of Horror х28

Medium Touch of Aura Pack

Price1450 Reales

Open the pack and receive the following items:

• Touch of Aura Box х50

[Account bound]

• Purification Potion х8

• Nimble Beast Eye Potion х8

• Scroll of Experience 100% х6

Small Touch of Aura Pack

Price870 Reales

Open the pack and receive the following items:

• Touch of Aura Box х30

[Account bound]

• Mad Bumblebuzz Wings х65

• Four-Leaf Clover х5

The Game shop offer will last until January 23, 06:59 GMT.

Have fun shopping!

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