Xiao Lon Box and Packs


Xiao Lon Box and Packs

Xiao Lon Box

Price: 29 Reales

Have you heard? A mysterious stranger from distant lands came to King Roland. Hours-long meeting took place in an extremely narrow circle: even Stealian does not know what negotiations were about! But after as a sign of good intentions, an outlandish gift was left for the people of Elenia.

Open the box and receive one of the following items:

Please note that all items in the box  except “ Xiao Lon ”, “ Scarlet Hunter , Fran Chu " , Amethyst Key , Lucky Thief's Fortifying Elixir ”, “ Box of Excellent Elixirs , Haste Elixir of the Armored Adder " , Haste Elixir of the Enduring Adder are account bound.

Xiao Lon

+6% Maximum Health

+3% Running Speed 

+2% Damage (doesn't work against players)

At first, the inhabitants of the kingdom were afraid of the curious dragon, who flew everywhere, was surprised at everything and scrutinized everyone's faces. Xiao Lon is reluctant to talk about his life outside the kingdom. But he seems to like a lot about Elenia.

Scarlet Hunter

+60% Mounted Movement Speed

+40 Attack

+7 Hit

+5 Stamina

+3 Critical Hit Chance

Required Feed:  6 portions (a hungry beast does not increase your attributes, and its speed bonus is reduced to 20%).

Bonus in the collection:  +5 Attack

Even the best experts on the fauna of Elenia did not know about this type of hunter. When the dragon Xiao Lon was asked to tell some more about it, he just smiled: “You’ll see everything by yourself.”

Fran Chu

Feature: when you use this item, it disappears, and the pet is added to your collection.

Body made of gold, eyes like rubies... Dragon Xiao Lon once mentioned that it used to be a demon who devoured the treasures of his people. Now bound by a powerful spell, the demon brings prosperity, luck and untold riches. This is what “re-educated” means!

Quick Doe's Warehouse Bag

Feature: Allows you to add 10 additional slots to the character's warehouse. Please note that the first 4 warehouse expansions are at a reduced price. If you have not yet used these extensions, but have used this item, the price for purchasing additional slots will increase.

Having borrowed secrets from Norin the Warlock on compressing and expanding matter through magical transformations, Quick Doe the Sorceress created her own version of the famous artifact to expand the storage facilities of the Lamprey Inn in Aranta.

Large Xiao Lon Pack

Price: 2900 Reales

Open the pack and receive the following items:

• Xiao Lon Box х100

[Account bound]

• Pharaoh’s Seal х29

• Seal of Horror х21

• Purification Potion х10

Medium Xiao Lon Pack

Price: 1450 Reales

Open the pack and receive the following items:

• Xiao Lon Box х50

• Supplies from the Academy of Strength

[Account bound]

• Lucky Thief's Fortifying Elixir х7

Small Xiao Lon Pack

Price: 870 Reales

Open the pack and receive the following items:

• Xiao Lon Box х30

[Account bound]

• Mad Bumblebuzz Wings х35

• Scroll of Experience 100% х6

The offer will be available until February 6, 06:59 GMT.

Have fun shopping!

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